Next Level Elderberry Syrup Kit
Next Level Elderberry Syrup Kit

Next Level Elderberry Syrup Kit

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This kit has all of the dry herbs you need to make two cups (approx 16 ounces) of our super charged Next Level Elderberry Syrup right in your own kitchen.

What’s in the kit?  All the herbs you’ll need pre measured and mixed, and our step by step recipe to follow for the syrup - the same one we use for the syrup we make for you. We also include the recipe for the gummies if you decide to make those with some of your syrup. For the syrup all you’ll need in addition to the kit are a few kitchen items like a stockpot and sieve and good quality water. For the gummies you’ll need gelatin - we love Vital Pastures Grassfed Beef Gelatin, but you can use whatever you prefer.

Ingredients: organic elderberries, organic reishi mushroom slices, organic astragalus slices, organic cinnamon sticks, organic rosehips, organic echinacea, organic ginger pieces, organic cloves.