Next Level Elderberry Syrup
Next Level Elderberry Syrup

Next Level Elderberry Syrup

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Elderberries are widely known to be incredible for helping support the immune system and making common colds and flus easier and quicker for the body to get rid of. What makes this syrup next level is the powerhouse of additional herbs and medicinal mushrooms combined with elderberries. From the two mushrooms known as the king and queen of medicinal mushrooms to cold and flu flughting echinacea all the way to Chinese traditional medicine immune boosting favorite astragalus - this combination of berries, herbs, mushrooms, roots and honey is on a whole other level. ⁣

What’s inside the bottle?
organic elderberries
raw local honey
organic chaga
organic reishi
organic echinacea
organic rosehips
organic ginger
organic astragalus
organic cinnamon
organic clove
filtered water

Quick note: once the syrup is made it is NOT watered down, however water is the first ingredient because all the herbs are boiled down and reduced in water over low heat.

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