Infinity Blend • Mushroom Powder
Infinity Blend • Mushroom Powder
Infinity Blend • Mushroom Powder

Infinity Blend • Mushroom Powder

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INFINITY BLEND • 4 oz pouch

8 mushrooms

🤍 All organically grown & cultivated in the USA

Meet the Infinite 8:

🍄 CHAGA • mega immune support, extremely high antioxidant value, helps auto-immune disorders

🍄 CORDYCEPS • energy boost, improve recovery post-exhaustion & workout, non-stimulant energy production

🍄 LIONS MANE • brain booster, nootropic, improve creativity, improve concentration, reduces anxiety 

🍄 MAITAKE • blood sugar & cholesterol regulator, anti viral, anti cancer

🍄 OYSTER • high antioxidant value, blood sugar & cholesterol regulator, reduces inflammation

🍄 REISHI • calm body & mind, improve relaxation, deepen sleep, lowers cortisol levels

🍄 SHIITAKE • copper rich, cardiovascular support, immune system activator

🍄 TURKEY TAIL • anti-cancer, immune system resiliency, assists gut microbiome, helps heal infections throughout the body


Ingredients (all organic): chaga, cordyceps, lions mane, maitake, oyster, reishi, shiitake, Turkey tail, mycelliated brown rice.


Add this mix to coffee, smoothies, milk drinks, yogurt, baked goods and so much more. It’s tasty - earthy flavor that mixes in well to most foods.


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approx 50 tsp servings

1-3 servings per day

4 oz // 113 g



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