Bless You Tea

Bless You Tea

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Stinging nettle leaf is the heavy hitter here that helps reduce the inflammation response in the body due to seasonal allergies, then we mix it with a little peppermint & slippery elm bark to soothe bronchials & ease irritation to throat, rosemary for help opening airways, and finish with a bit of ginger for its anti inflammatory help with allergy ick. There is no caffeine in this mix and it works amazing as a sun tea. We make a big batch and drink all day - mix with local honey for extra help.

Bless You Tea
•sip tea and breathe•

all organic:
nettle leaf
peppermint leaf
licorice root
slippery elm bark

Available in 1 oz & 2 oz compostable pouches. Want to send this tea as a gift? Simply enter their info in the shipping section and we’ll send it off to your sneezy friend.