Holistic Life Flow • Mentorship Series

Holistic Life Flow • Mentorship Series

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Holistic Life Flow • Mentorship Series

An immersion style mentorship series to craft YOUR fully optimized days from overwhelmed to inner connected.

nutrition - weekly menu plan customized to your goals & needs

stress awareness - specialized plan to ground, center and focus your energy each day

impact - power the momentum of inward connection & unlock the flow of purpose driven days

➡️Three 1 hour one-on-one sessions (minimum 1 week apart to integrate with the flow of each session) 

➡️Two kitchen based one-on-one sessions to deep dive into how YOUR food prep, planning and goals. You’ll learn real time skills to get your daily nourishment aligned with your pace + flow of life.

➡️One fully customized “real-life calendar” to utilize the micro + macro flow of days

I've crafted this mentorship series for you to develop YOUR holistic life flow. Each session will focus on one aspect and together we'll craft your optimized days from overwhelmed to inner connected.

I'm opening up my books to a handful of women for this mentorship series - secure your spot by reserving your first session, or send me a text so we can set up a call to answer any questions you have and see if this mentorship is right for you. Here's my cell 530.906.8696. You can also choose to reserve all three sessions now for a sweet discount.

Together we rise.

Blessed be,