The Untamed Woman Retreat
The Untamed Woman Retreat
The Untamed Woman Retreat
The Untamed Woman Retreat
The Untamed Woman Retreat
The Untamed Woman Retreat
The Untamed Woman Retreat
The Untamed Woman Retreat
The Untamed Woman Retreat

The Untamed Woman Retreat

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The Untamed Woman • Native Springs Oasis

May 30th - June 2nd 2024

For you. For sistership. For the allowance to be unleashed in whatever you are in now. For the duality that we are within our shadows and within our light.

Meet yourself in the desert oasis for a retreat into the underworld of your truth, where the shadow meets the light, where the raw and wild are not only embraced but invited to be explored, where the light dances with the unknown, where sound is the melody to your unfolding and silence is a song written from within, where the brush strokes of sisterhood are painted within the canvas of the soul.

Meet yourself here, in the untamed.

She is calling.

Are you ready?

••• ••• •••

What to expect:

Self love





Breath work




body art

Meditation & journey

Ceremony & ritual

Womb work

Belly laughs


Nurturing Food

••• ••• •••

Your hosts:

Natasha Bailey & Carlene Kanellis

Natasha & Carlene met on the island of Hawaii  where their passion for self love, healing and bringing women together was revealed through movement, art, ritual, sound and food.

Together they began to cultivate a sister-ship that led to a deep knowing of creating and facilitating together. It is in these spaces where  they grew to understand the power of healing the sister wound, bringing women together and cultivating raw spaces for women to de-layer, play, explore, heal and come together in womanhood.

Guest facilitators:

•Nina Grey - singer-songwriter, producer, vocal coach and creative group facilitator

•Caren Chroma - painter, body painter & multi-faceted artist

•Tori Anito - Sound Healer, Vocal Alchemist, singer-song writer, yoga instructor

••• ••• •••

Ancestral wisdom meets food nourishement for the thriving untamed woman. All meals will be prepared on site with fresh ingredients crafted to support the divine feminine.  From slow cooked broths to bright colorful fruits, you'll have the full sensory experience of being well fed. 

Choose from three lodging types (pricing per person):

Geopods - single occupancy $1600

Tipis - double occupancy, one bunk bed in each $1900

Main house rooms - single and double occupancy, full, queen and king bed options:

Full in full queen room $2200

Queen in full queen room $2300

Private queen room $2600

Private king room $2800


To register:

Deposit $400 with payment plans

Or pay in full

Native Springs Oasis is set on 160 acres of Sacred Native Land in the high desert, lower Sierra Nevada Mountains, in Weldon California. The Oasis sits atop an Artesian Spring which offers some of the freshest water in the world. Home to abundant plants, wildlife, and a few stewards of the land who have been called to to share this special slice of heaven.



Note: Deposits are non-refundable. All payments made are transferable, less deposit, to another woman or another future retreat or event if cancelled within 30 days of retreat.