I Love You So Matcha
I Love You So Matcha
I Love You So Matcha

I Love You So Matcha

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This mood and brain boosting mix helps the body’s detoxification processes and bolsters vitality while supporting aqua nutrients, medicinal mushrooms and nutrient rich plants. Clear the fog and feed your brain and body some matcha mix love.

Our hand crafted and intentionally mixed blend has ingredients to support brain, mood, energy and more:

💚 rich in chlorophyll (the green molecule in plants that alchemizes sunlight into plant energy) is said to help with detoxifying the blood in a profound way, energy balancing, supports gut health and more

💙 high in phycocyanin, which is linked to decreased inflammation, pain relief and shows neuroprotective benefits

💚 loaded with vitamins and minerals including vitamin c, calcium, potassium, magnesium, b vitamins and iron

💙 high antioxidant levels and anti inflammatory

💚 contains l-theanine for decreased stress levels and relaxation as it boosts cognitive function and helps mitigate energy crashes

💙 contains EGCG which has been linked to many health benefits including blocking neurodegeneration, anti inflammatory, metal chelation, and it may help with calmness and mental alertness

💚 contains powerful polysaccharides from lions mane mushroom shown to boost cognitive function, help repair nerve damage, reduce symptoms of anxiety and more


Ingredients (*organic): *coconut cream powder, *ceremonial grade matcha, *moringa, *lions mane mushroom, high phycocyanin spirulina, *cracked cell wall chlorella


Our favorite mix with this one is adding 1-2 tablespoons (depending on how strong we want it) to 8-10 ounces of milk (we use raw goat or cows milk), then we add a scoop of collagen peptides and a little bit of maple syrup and give it a good mix with a latte whisk (can find these for about $10 at many stores) or give it a good shake in a jar with lid and that’s it! It’s delicious hot or cold. Try adding it to your smoothie with a banana and scoop of Blue Dreamsicle or Orange Creamsicle.


25 tablespoon servings