Elevate Tea

Elevate Tea

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Elevate Tea
•sip tea and potentiate•

Our first tea of 2021 features a rare blend of ingredients including hand rolled oolong tea leaves in ginseng and licorice root and a bright and fruity aroma. It has less caffeine than black tea, and a bit more than green tea making it a great coffee replacement that is restorative and light.

This tea blend was inspired by one of our favorite restorative self care necessities - floating. With our bodies cared for, our minds opened and our senses relaxed we are able to nourish and heal ourselves thanks to float centers like Capitol Floats Auburn - we can indeed recognize our potential.

What you’ll love about this tea:
•lift from legacy plantation oolong tea leaves (grounding and energizing)
•adaptogenic support from American Ginseng and Licorice Root
•soothing bright blue cornflower petals
•anti inflammatory and gut healing bilberry
•delicious & brightly flavored melons and citrus

Available in one and two ounce sizes.

Lan Gui Ren Oolong tea leaves, organic bilberry, Spanish cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, hibiscus, Seville orange, American ginseng, licorice root, organic cornflower petals

🌟Restorative alternative to coffee
🌟Fruity aroma
🌟Uplifting taste