Chocolate Remedy • Scoop & Spread

Chocolate Remedy • Scoop & Spread

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Chocolate Remedy • Scoop & Spread      
It’s basically chocolatey fudge that is good for you. Highest quality ceremonial grade cacao powder and butter give this blend it’s exquisite chocolate richness. Add to that the smooth creaminess of ghee and coconut oil, and you’ve got epic chocolatey fudge goodness. A little bit of cinnamon and cardamom mixed in at the end finishes this flavor up beautifully.    
Fudge is usually laden with refined sugars which then cause all kinds of unhealthy responses in the body - ouchy teeth, hormone disruption, energy spiked and drops, and mood swings. We sweetened this little mix with coconut nectar and have added in some health promoting superfoods to help your body be its best. Food is medicine, remember? Otherwise it’s not food.    
Three superfoods bless this mix and all offer a balanced smokey earth flavor - shilajit, chaga mushroom and polyarchis ant. Shilajit is a magnificent superfood from the Himalayas, rich in nutrients and minerals from the earths organic materials releasing themselves for us thru the cracking ice. Pretty rad. Chaga mushroom is the king of mushrooms in that it is beyond extraordinary with its immune boosting support - overall long term immune health as well as acute extreme immune properties. Be sure to read up on this one to be wowed. Alright last super food - Polyarchis ant. The mighty ant has been utilized for centuries in many cultures for many properties including increased chi and vitality unlike any other food.  
Our favorite way to eat this mix? One scoop of Chocolate Remedy and one scoop of Omni Powder into our morning cup of coffee blended up. Pour over ice on a hot summer day or enjoy toasty warm.  
Ingredients: grass fed organic ghee, raw organic coconut oil, raw organic cacao butter, organic coconut nectar, raw ceremonial grade cacao, raw shilajit, organic chaga mushroom, polyarchis ant, organic cinnamon and cardamom.    


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