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Berry Boost

This blend is super charged with maqui berry, tart cherry, wild blueberry, beet juice, pitaya, raspberry, and cranberry PLUS micronized glutamine, probiotics and prebiotics.

Each serving has 1 gram of micronized glutamine and 5 billion CFU probiotic with prebiotic from Jerusalem artichoke and yacon root.

This berry deliciousness boosts your immune system, gut health, muscle recovery, athletic performance, and has an incredible amount of antioxidants.

It’s delicious so it can go straight into your mouth (yes, it’s really that good), or mix in water, juice or smoothie.

Excellent full system booster.
Can be taken daily for overall health promotion and wellness - happy gut, energized body, boosted brain, all systems go!

Berry Boost works great as a preworkout because of its vasodilation properties (think better blood flow to muscles gets more oxygen in and more lactic acid out).

$55//30 servings

$19//10 servings 

Serving = 1 teaspoon



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