Infinity Blend • Mushroom Powder

Infinity Blend • Mushroom Powder

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·synergistic mushroom powder·

fruiting body & mycelium


8 full spectrum adaptogenic mushrooms

🤍 All organically grown & cultivated in the USA

📌 3rd party lab tested for quality & potency

☝🏽 Activated bioavailability of 1,3-Beta Glucans

Meet the Infinite 8:

🍄 CHAGA  long used in Russian medicine, highest ORAC level of any fruit, veg or mushroom so far

🍄 CORDYCEPS  used to improve vitality, physical performance and endurance

🍄 LIONS MANE  used in eastern medicine for brain and nerve support

🍄 MAITAKE  contains the very powerful antioxidant ergothioneine

🍄 OYSTER  loaded with vitamins and minerals, may support healthy blood pressure & cholesterol levels

🍄 REISHI known as the Queen healer and mushroom of immortality for its immune boosting properties

🍄 SHIITAKE  contains all eight essential amino acids, also contains linoleic acid

🍄 TURKEY TAIL  linked to healthy gut flora and balance, immune supportive


Add this mix to coffee, smoothies, milk drinks, yogurt, baked goods and so much more. It’s tasty - earthy flavor that mixes in well.

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approx 75 1/2tsp servings

1-3 servings per day

4 oz // 113 g



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